Understanding The Suit of Wands

Wands represent our thoughts and are associated with the mental plane. When we are interpreting the Suit of Wands, we must take into consideration that this suit deals with things that may not be known, as they may be on a subconscious level or have not manifested themselves into an expression or realized thought. So in essence, you can say, this would also imply things that are hidden, beyond the veil of our knowing in some cases.

Our thoughts spark the energetic attraction of similarities. Whatever we focus our thoughts on is what we will attract into our lives in various ways. Be it positively or negatively aspected, our thoughts are like magnets drawing the influences and energies needed to manifest what has been projected outwardly into the Universe through our thoughts and thinking patterns.

Fear, anxiety, worry, scarcity are all negative based energetic patterns that will attract exactly what you are focusing on. For example, if you are always worried you won't have enough money and don't know where you'll get your next dollar, then you are sending out a signal that you are afraid and are fearful that you will not be able to manifest what you need. So in response to that negative energetic thought pattern, you will begin attracting more things into your life you don't want like more struggle, increase in expenses, and a major pinch in your pocket as money will be hard to come by.

This is not just a theory, this has been scientifically proven that if we dwell on all the negatives then you can expect to continue to have more bad stuff happen to you. Such is the case of someone with cancer; if they dwell on the fact they have cancer and are dying then it will consume them and create that reality for them. However, someone who has a positive outlook and has faith within themselves to overcome whatever obstacle that is in their path will most likely be victorious and not only be healed; but also increase their lifespan.

So these are the things to take into consideration when we are looking at the Suit of Wands. What other elements in the cards help you identify what type of thoughts are prohibiting you from moving forward? What thought patterns are sabotaging your efforts? The cards help you to become more aware of your thoughts and teach you how to pay attention to the patterns within your life. What are your thoughts creating for you? You can discover that by studying the Suit of Wands.

By stepping out into the unknown with trust and faith in yourself and the Universe to provide your needs is one of the greatest lessons that the Wands have to teach us. It is when we step out in fear and with uncertainty of what to expect do our paths become confusing, chaotic and very difficult. It is through training our mind to "think positively", that we learn how to better control the outcomes in our life and the reality we experience.

Wands often appear to us when we need to right our thinking if we have been judgmental, critical, selfish, have negative thoughts towards others or ourselves. These types of thinking patterns can be corrected through positive affirmation and consciously choosing to release outdated negative thinking patterns and embracing a more positive outlook. And that is how the path of Wands flows, it reveals our thinking and thought patterns to show us how we are being affected and how they are affecting our lives on many levels and aspects.