The Value of the Tаrоt in a Modern Spiritual Practice

The system of tаrоt is ancient in its origins, yet was not known in its whole form as it is known today until fairly recent history, perhaps only in the last 100 years. Its original function was to present all the possibilities of life on Earth, encompassing elements, archetypes, life paths, and most importantly life choices. Its ability to be used as an oracle comes only from the fact that at one time or another we all activate all the various attributes depicted in the tаrоt and thus we can determine where we are at and roughly predict where we are going.

The original 22 card tаrоt system stems from ancient Egyptian mystery school teachings and the Hebrew Kabbalah system of philosophy. In the middle ages the deck of symbols was expanded to reflect psychological profiles for mind, emotion, body and spirit. Later on in the medieval period the Tаrоt became used as a game for entertainment and predicting the future and this trend has continued to very recent times. There have been very avid students of the Tаrоt throughout history, one of the most famous being Aleister Crowley, a mystic and occultist of the late 1800s. He was instrumental in developing and translating the ancient systems into what we know today as the tаrоt system. Up until the mid to late 1900s we had available to us the Aleister Crowley deck, the Rider-Waite deck and the Golden Dawn Tаrоt depictions. Since the early 70's there has been a steady influx of different tаrоt decks. Today's tаrоt is a standard 78 cards, divided into 22 major arcana plus 56 minor arcana depictions and is available in literally thousands of designs.

The word Tаrоt is an anagram derived from tota meaning total and rota meaning revolving wheel.

As such it reflects to us a total meaning of our path as we travel through the rotations of life. The word arcana means secret and refers to the hidden spiritual truths, laws and characteristics that we each hold and create every day of our lives, even though we may not be consciously aware of them.

This new age is about re-empowerment.

In the 21st century we are on a new path of remembering who we are as individuals, embarking on our journeys of self-discovery, discovering our potentials and possibilities. The Tаrоt is a valuable tool to use to access our deepest selves on this journey. Because we are relatively new at this game of understanding ourselves we can turn to the tаrоt as a guide. This guide will show us by identifying relevant pieces to our puzzle that we may otherwise not be able to name. We come to re-member, as in put back together, all the pieces of ourselves that may have been hidden or worse, feared to be lost.

The teachings of the Tаrоt are based in honesty, integrity, love, compassion, humility, faith and trust. These are the foundation stones for any path of discovery that is empowering for the self.

As the New Age philosophies settle in more deeply into our mass awareness the meanings expand and develop with greater significance and symbolism. The old dark symbolism has largely been replaced with colorful vibrant images from a huge variety of sources that reflect the modern world we live in. New understandings filled with light and hope replace the previous symbology of fear and ominous darkness.

As long as humans have been on Earth we have been more interested in where we are going than where we are. Fortunately the emphasis of a modern day spiritual practice is centered on the importance of knowing where you are at today, in this moment. Only with this awareness can you move forward with awareness and consciousness and most importantly, with choice to where you want to be. The new age tаrоt encourages the philosophy that we are able to exercise free will and it is specifically our human function to act with choice, will and personal freedom. Interestingly, these were also the teachings of the ancient Masters of thousands of years ago.